Quality facilities services without compromise

When working with us, you can expect and enjoy the highest levels of service related to all aspects of your national facilities maintenance program. Our people, processes and technology deliver consistent, high-quality facilities service to keep your buildings and grounds looking their best.


As a client, you’ll have a dedicated account team to develop your program and service your needs. As part of your facilities maintenance service solution, we carefully select specific vendors for you from among our extensive supplier network. Only service providers who meet our rigorous qualification requirements are dispatched to perform work for you. Ongoing training and inspecting ensures they continue to meet our high standards over time.


Your account team and facilities service professionals must follow benchmark customer service and quality assurance processes. It’s been our way of doing business since 1988.  From facility asset management and risk mitigation to strategic sourcing and contract management, USM provides you with a comprehensive approach to facilities maintenance planning.


Smart use of technology enhances the client experience, improving both quality and convenience. Advancements include an Integrated Voice Recognition System that tracks service completion, a proprietary National Account System to automate and control service scheduling, and a customer Web portal that provides instant, real-time visibility to all aspects of your facilities maintenance program.