Electrical & Lighting

cover_electrical.jpgUSM’s approach to electrical services and lighting

HVAC and Energy Services are all about efficiency.Helping our clients reap significant savings with efficiently designed, installed, and maintained HVAC and electrical systems is where we put our energies. From small-scale retrofits to entire chain-wide systems, USM has the talent and technology to design and implement solutions for any facility.

Electrical services expertise

Between USM's decades-long track record of helping clients manage single-vendor relationships and EMCOR's deep, nationwide network of HVAC and electrical services providers, your multiple-location operations are in extremely capable hands. One key differentiator: USM has 1500+ vendors, the largest network of qualified providers in the country.

Only the best electrical services subcontractors

USM HVAC and electrical subcontractors are hand picked to be the most dependable in the business. We insist they carry full inventories of the most frequently used parts (to save you the expense of multiple return trips), and they're some of the most qualified, thanks to the ongoing training provided by USM to stay current with new methods and technologies.

Full range of electrical services

  • Lighting System audits and upgrades
  • System Monitoring – including alerts
  • Mission-critical Systems
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Energy Management Systems – monitoring usage, green options
  • “Load Shedding” for smarter conservation
  • Building Automation – full control over reefer, computer & cooling systems
  • HVAC & Refrigeration – scheduled coil cleanings
  • Sign cleaning, repair, and maintenance
  • Project-oriented preventive maintenance schedule & reactionary service

Not just what we do – but how we do it

Our close relationships with leading manufacturers ensure the proper parts, supplies, and components, regardless of your installed brands. We also manage all vendor relationships, thanks to a dedicated account team, ongoing communication, and follow-up calls to ensure your satisfaction.

Electrical services & lighting cost savings

Saving clients money and reducing energy usage are key drivers for our Electrical & Lighting team. Lighting alone represents an enormous opportunity for savings–between strategic rebates and proper T8, T5, and LED installations and upgrades, we're saving our clients thousands of dollars each month. And with our National Account program, you can enjoy greater cost control on a national level.

Why USM for electrical & lighting?

  • Largest network of qualified subcontractors
  • Focus on energy efficiency & cost savings
  • Expertise in all services – retrofits to new installs
  • Dedicated account team
  • Backed by the resources of EMCOR
  • National Account plan for greater control & savings
  • Reconcile just one invoice

The EMCOR connection – another plus

USM is backed by EMCOR for Fortune 500®-caliber mechanical, electrical, construction, and facilities maintenance resources that allow us to assist with several key services–from fire safety and lighting issues to HVAC and plumbing.

What can we do for you?

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