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Water is a commodity too precious to waste – the fact is, demand for fresh water has doubled over the past 50 years, according to a UNEP/GRID-Arendal report. It’s time to be smarter about water usage, and water efficiency is playing a greater role in significantly impacting a company’s brand image…and bottom line.

Water Conservation – the Ripple Effect

According to the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Water Disclosure Report, roughly 40% of companies said they have experienced water-related risks in the last five years.

With a relatively small investment, great strides can be made in water conservation through irrigation efficiency – start by working with professionals who know how to squeeze every drop of efficiency from your current systems and how to craft a cost-effective solution to help you dramatically reduce your water consumption.

Critical Steps to Water Conservation

  • Eliminate run-off from impenetrable surfaces
  • Minimize over-spray outside of the landscape
  • Ensure matched precipitation rates in each hydrozone
  • Apply water with greater uniformity
  • Resist distortion of uniformity from wind
  • Adjust watering frequently to match the current weather
  • Discover and manage waste with technology


USM’s Centrally-Controlled Solution

Nozzle Retrofits

The most affordable solution with the biggest return, retrofitting existing spray head bodies not only covers areas from four to thirty feet, this approach consumes 33% less water than traditional spray nozzles.

Weather Controller

We tap into weather stations that monitor the elements at your sites 24/7/365 and calculate moisture lost from plants based on:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Solar Exposure
  • Wind Conditions
  • Precipitation

We also utilize small, mountable, self-contained fixtures that gather weather data for ET calculation in the irrigation controllers. Precise readings make all the difference – we use wireless technology and adjustable rain gauges to ensure all “free” precipitation is captured.

Integrated Flow Sensor

With special flow sensors, we can detect and measure the movement of water in your irrigation systems. Sensors make it easy to catch (and alert you to) a broken head, broken pipe, or broken stuck valve – all of which waste staggering amounts of water.

It’s Time to Achieve 85% Efficiency

The average irrigation system is only about 50% efficient. A USM irrigation efficiency program can increase that to nearly 85% – and adjustments due to weather can easily save another 15% on water. Dramatic improvement is the rule, not the exception.

Why USM for Irrigation Efficiency?

  • Expertise in every region, every climate
  • Storm water management
  • Water-efficient irrigation systems
  • Irrigation repair
  • New installs or retrofits
  • Cost savings realized quickly
  • “Xeric” landscaping options
  • Consolidated services under a single four-season plan
  • Reconcile just one invoice
  • Visibility of spend to identify areas needing improvement
  • Compliance issues and risk mitigation alleviated

The EMCOR Connection – Another Plus

USM is backed by EMCOR for Fortune 500®-caliber mechanical, electrical, construction, and facilities maintenance resources that allow us to assist with several key services–from fire safety and lighting issues to HVAC and plumbing.

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