Proactive Snow & Ice Management Services to Keep You Up and Running!

Proactive Snow & Ice Management Services to Keep You Up and Running!

Don't let an unexpected winter storm catch your business off guard!

At USM, we take a strategic approach to snow and ice management in order to keep your operations running smoothly, regardless of what the forecast holds.

Because we serve properties from coast-to-coast, we're equipped to handle any commercial snow removal job, no matter how small or large. We help to control your commercial snow and ice removal costs by planning ahead and managing all aspects of winter weather events for prompt and reliable service.

Our complete commercial snow removal services include:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Snow Hauling
  • Ice Removal & Management

Save Money on Commercial Snow Removal!

Managing snow and ice subcontractors yourself at the local level is time consuming and expensive. USM leverages our nationwide vendor network and buying power to offer you serious cost savings for snow and ice management!

cover_snow.jpgUnrivaled Snow & Ice Management Expertise

Anybody with a pickup and a blade can plow snow. At USM, we employ certified snow professionals who actually study the mechanics of how snow behaves. Site by site, we consider how snow melts, the consequences of freezing, and the effects that moving (and removing) snow and ice has on waterways, roadways, parking lots, and other infrastructure.

Why Choose USM for Snow & Ice Management?

  • Unrivaled know-how, commitment, and planning
  • Cost Savings, thanks to national buying power
  • Customized snow removal programs
  • Weather tracking
  • We buy salt in bulk – reduced rate for vendors
  • Compliance with all local regulations
  • No disruption of site operations
  • Consolidated services under a single program
  • More visibility, control, and budget predictability
  • Reduce your risk exposure and liability
  • Reconcile just one convenient invoice
  • Reduce snow and ice spending

Customized Snow Removal Services

Every site is different, which is why every snow and ice management program should be as well. There's nothing off-the-shelf about working with USM for commercial snow removal. Your snow and ice management service plan will be tailored to your specific requirements. We begin by walking your site, learning your pain points, and establishing a partnership - not merely a vendor transaction.

We offer flexible pricing so you can choose the most convenient option for your business based on your specific location and needs. Choose from event pricing, push pricing, or a fixed seasonal rate. It's all about what works best for your business!

USM: Your Full-Service Snow and Ice Management Experts

During a typical U.S. snow season, USM provides 350,000+ snow services for 20,000+ properties, managing 900,000+ service calls through our centralized service center. Our enormous client base is a result of our extensive expertise and dependability! Additional perks of choosing USM for snow and ice management include:

Snow & Ice Vendor Management: You have a business to run, which is why USM is fully accountable for all snow and ice service crews. We manage all licensed vendor and equipment selection, scheduling, dispatching, work orders - everything. That means you receive one invoice, not one hundred.

Weather Tracking: Through our 24/7 Storm Command Center, USM tracks weather events before, during, and after significant storms - we even keep you up-to-date at every stage of the commercial snow removal process via text alerts, so you're always in the loop.

Eco-friendly Snow Removal Solutions: Where appropriate (pet stores, lush landscaping, etc.) we offer more earth-friendly, less corrosive de-icers, chemicals, and materials.

Beyond Snow and Ice Management

USM is backed by EMCOR for Fortune 500®-caliber mechanical, electrical, construction, and facilities maintenance resources that allow us to assist with everything from fire safety and lighting issues to HVAC and plumbing.

What can we do for you?

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